the exchange samples

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

For decades this landmark building was a commercial local exchange carrier and a fixture in the heart of the city. What started as a condominium project — its loft detailing, exposed brick and mechanicals, stainless steel, and polished concrete floors — set the tone of the marketing, giving the building its edgy personality. Named The Exchange Landmark Lofts, we capitalized on the building’s historic presence and full loft appearance to differentiate our building from the other new, “soft-loft” projects in the marketplace. We even added a stainless steel rooftop pool — one of the first of its kind in Florida. Unfortunately, this project became one of the many fractured loft condominium projects in the downtown market in 2008. As sales slowed, we quickly realized that the best direction was to take the project rental instead.


Our management, marketing, and construction teams all worked seamlessly to change directions and bring the project to completion and lease-up the building in record time. After a year and a half of marketing the condominium project, we had to change people’s paradigm and perception of the building and create renewed sense of excitement when remarketing the project as a luxury rental project. With this change in mind, we hatched the idea of the “the anti condo,” our fearless tagline and domain name. We also used “RENT LOFT” prominently in vivid, bold cap letters in all materials and signage so there would be no mistaking us as a for-lease project.   


That was just the beginning of our rebranding, outreach, and community involvement. We spent a great deal of our marketing dollars on events, one of which was a red carpet, rooftop celebration with a DJ and lightshow, which bounced our logo off all the buildings downtown. We also spent a large majority of our outreach efforts courting the vibrant gay community in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We had a significant presence at many gay pride events and had an active presence at many other art and local charity functions. The end result: we reported record leased-up numbers for the project in record time, despite a slowing economy.

Creative strategy: Brandi Bailey. Graphic design by Aimee Barber Rudic.