daleville samples

Planned Town Center Development in Daleville, VA

Daleville Town Center’s creative concept brings commercial, residential, and retail marketing into one frame of reference to celebrate the simplicity that comes from living in a Town Center community. We coined the tagline, It’s about time, to sell this idea to our target audience. It’s About Time became the cornerstone of the imagery selected, whether we were showing hours of the day, the historical timeline of the area, or each step of the building timeline for the development. Our campaign successfully branded Daleville Town Center, employing our marketing strategies all supported by the concept of New Ruralism to reinforce the following objectives:


  • One-stop living: a simplified yet modern lifestyle: We tell the ‘village’ story, highlighting everything that Daleville Town Center offers and all its conveniences.
  • Architectural excellence: We point out our high standards and visually portray an appealing array of homes, commercial and retail spaces along with an inviting town center which will become the new core of action for Botetourt County and its community.


  • Innovative technology: Using the latest in mobile connectivity, we show technology as another reason why the New Ruralism is attractive—and more importantly, achievable—for homebuyers, commercial tenants, and retailers alike. 
  • Desirable location: We drive home the rural appeal by highlighting the magnificence of our Blue Ridge mountain location while emphasizing its convenience and proximity to everything important.


Creative strategy: Brandi Bailey. Design by Kelly Stanley, developed with writer Sharon Rapoport.