1000 jeff samples

Luxury rentals, Hoboken, NJ

Within the five-block condo neighborhood comprising Upper Grand, 1000 Jefferson was the first apartment community, so it posed a challenge. However, 1000 Jefferson’s lease-up was the most expedient lease-up Tarragon has ever experienced in the Northeast. Our marketing and leasing strategy helped the asset get to 90% in just 7 short months.


In Hoboken, everything is about location. Many of our competitors are along the waterfront; we were not. So we had to use creative imagery to paint the picture of what life looks like from the inside out when you live in the neighborhood of UpperGrand. We told people’s stories through up-close-and-personal imagery and smart headlines. We invited our audience to see themselves here and used poignant word selection to hit the hot-buttons and meet the needs of our target markets. We took full advantage of outreach opportunities such as neighborhood movie nights and internet advertising and positioning, and we reached our audience through a variety of media, saturating the areas frequented by our target demographic.

Lobby%201Creative direction: Brandi Bailey. Concept, copy and art direction by Kelly Stanley. Design by Aimee Rudic.