KStanley_headshot B&WSince 1994, Kelly has reveled in the intricacies and uniqueness of the real estate development industry, working with an extensive network of talented marketing people across the country. She delights in creating one-of-a-kind solutions for each and every property, and has worked as a designer, writer, and creative director on high-end urban rentals, budget and Section 42 properties, luxury apartment homes and condos, single-family housing and PUDs, student housing, and commercial real estate spaces. She prides herself on the ability to distill a product to its essence, finding a hook that is interesting and unusual but most of all appropriate, and then extending that message throughout all the different media needed to position the property within the marketplace.

A red-headed artist who does a pretty good job of hiding her temper, she is passionate about her work. Creative but still able to manage budgets. A designer who knows grammar and proper spelling. Quirky yet reasonable. Passionate about color and all its combinations. All you would expect from a creative type. But she knows her successful career is about more than the quality of her design. It’s about developing good, long-term relationships with clients and about creating effective, award-winning work that does what it’s intended to do. It’s about thinking through the process and not just making it pretty. It’s about making something that works.

She starts the creative process by writing lists of words, and when she writes, it is to paint a visual picture. You will always have white space, though it may not always be white, and you will never come face-to-face with 5-point body copy. A graduate of Ball State University’s Honors College, Kelly received a BFA cum laude in graphic design. After four years of experience in Indianapolis ad agencies, she founded KOS Design, Inc. Over the past 22 years, the business has grown and changed with the  marketplace, creating award-winning work for client industries as diverse as retail, financial services, non-profit, real estate development, healthcare, construction and art. Kelly received top honors in Writer’s Digest’s Inspirational Writing competition in 2013, and her first creative nonfiction book was released in May 2015. The next one will come out in Spring 2016.

Crawfordsville, IN
phone +1 765 366 6709  |  kelly@kosdesign.com  |  www.kellyostanley.com